Aluminum Repair
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Mr. Dent is a Certified Aluminum Repair Shop. Many foreign vehicles and a few domestics are built with aluminum, and those require special aluminum welding, weld-bonding, or rivet-bonding. With the recent rise in fuel prices, manufacturers have utilized more aluminum than ever before because of its fuel efficiency.

Aluminum tools are specialized and VERY expensive. As are the conditions under which the work is performed. In some settings, this can cause a long wait for repairs. Because Mr. Dent is a Certified Aluminum Repair Shop, we are prepared to accommodate all these repairs without any delays or backlog. Our staff is trained and qualified and our tools are up to date and compliant, in order to remain on top of the collision repair industry. 

Why is aluminum more expensive to work on than steel?

  • More difficult with special training required.
  • The MIG welding requires precision in the shielding gas mixture and travel speed.
  • No steel can come near the repairs because aluminum is prone to galvanic corrosion (dust, debris, etc.).
  • Aluminum dust is explosive! The shop must be equipped with extra safety equipment.
  • The process of heating for repairs is very different because aluminum conducts heat differently. Also, aluminum does not turn red before. reaching its melting or annealing points. An untrained technician could total a car easily without proper aluminum knowledge and training.

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